Most CBD Sucks

Unregulated, uncertified, untested. That is what much of the CBD world is. I am going to show you the REAL CBD that does what it is supposed to.




Creams, sprays and pastes. If you are using topical CBD medication you need to know that it is getting to the right place.


Tinctures are alcohol based cannabis extracts. But how do you use them properly? we are going to tell you.

Water Soluble

For ingestion these water soluble solutions get right inside to start their work. Just like the doctor ordered.


CBD Oil Tincture

Water Soluble CBD

CBD Topicals

Oil Based

Food / Drink Based


I use Shop CBD Prods' advice and found out my CBD Wasn't even working the way it was supposed to. I won't make that mistake ever again.
Daniel Frank
Brooklyn, NY